Connect your Google domain

Watch the video (step-by-step instructions below). 


Here are the steps:

  1. Login to your account

  2. Click My Domains
  3. Click DNS

  4. Scroll Down to Custom resource records

  5. Create  a new CNAME Record and enter the following values
    1st box = www
    2nd box/dropdown = set to CNAME
    3rd box = 600s
    4th box =
    *refer to screenshot*

  6. Click add to save changes
  7. Scroll to the Synthetic records section

  8. Enter the following values
    First box = @
    Second box = where *yourdomain* is the name of your website*
    *Refer to screenshot

  9. Click add to save the changes

That's it! You're done :D Let us know via your chat screen in your site editor, and we'll connect the site on our end.

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