Connect your GoDaddy domain

Watch the video (step-by-step instructions below). 


Here are the steps:

  1. Sign in to Godaddy
  2. Find Domains and click Manage (Might be found under "My Domains" (If you don't see your domains as a list like below, click the three-lined icon on the top right)

3) Click the domain name you want to connect with your Otonomic website

4) Click the 'DNS Zone File' tab

5) Locate the CNAME entry for 'www' and click "edit record". (If you don't see this entry (double check!) then click "Add Record" and add select CNAME under 'Record type', then continue to step 6)

6) Set Edit Zone Record as follows: Host = www (don't change!!!), Points to = and TTL = Custom, 600 seconds, Click Finish.

7) IMPORTANT! Locate the red 'Action needed!' bar towards the top and click "Save Changes". You should see a large message "Zone File has been updated ..."

8) Click the 'Settings' tab

9) Under Forwarding, Domain, click "Manage".



10) Under Domain tab, click "Add Forwarding" button 

11) Set 'Add Forwarding' settings as follows: Forward to = http:// then add: www.(your-domain-name), for example if your domain name is then enter here. Leave the rest of the settings as in, EXCEPT uncheck 'Update my nameservers and DNS settings ...'. Click Add.


12) Then click Save


That's it! You're done :D Let us know via your chat screen in your site editor, and we'll connect the site on our end.

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