Link Social Channel

Advertise your Social Channels! This is to spread the word that you have created your site.

Here's how:

  1. From your Editor, click on Content
  2. Click on Social
  3. Fill in menu title box. Set a snappy name! This short title will appear in the top navigation bar (you can leave 'menu title' blank to hide this section from the top bar).
  4. Pick a social media channel you want to show in your site. 
  5. Link your social media account by logging in with the account credentials.


a.) If you would like to show and hide a social channel. Look for the  icon. And then do these cool steps:

  • Click on the ON|OFF Switch to show and hide a channel on your social section
  • Your site will automatically refresh every time a section is set to show or hide. This makes sure you're always viewing the latest version

b.) If you wish to know more about show or hide this section, please follow this link: Show or Hide Section

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