Contact form

Create a snappy contact form, that generates responses from your site visitors! Use your form any way you like, to generate leads, inquiries, ask for help, or whatever suits your business goals. These form submissions get sent you by email, to the email address you defined in your Business Details settings.

A helpful contact form includes:

  • Set a snappy title, and be sure to set a short menu title, which appears in the top navigation bar (you can leave 'menu title' blank to hide this section from the top bar).
  • Encourage your visitors to fill in the form! Do this with a short sentence in the description that points them to the action you want them to take. For example:

"Book your first session now by telling us a little about you!"
"Tell us how we can help you with your next project!"
"Want to learn more? Get started now by telling us about your company!"

  • Set the text that appears on the button, like "Send it", "Submit" or "Send now" for example.
  • Set your background with either our automatic coloring or by using an image or background video! 
  • Set which form fields you'd like to have the visitor complete (at least one!), and you can even select which fields are required to make the send button active! Simply check the box next to "Required?".
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