Reviews bring your users into a different level of getting to know your business. This is where you can brag the feedbacks you receive from your customers. You gain the trust most users look for and the through these reviews you can then provide the services they need or may require. Facebook page reviews can also be imported to your site,as well as from other social media when you link your social channels to Otonomic.  

For a fantastic review section, you need to:

  • Make a snappy title and a short menu title that will appear on your navigation bar.
  • Add the reviews of your customers by linking your social media channel or blog. An active facebook business page can be a plus! The reviews that they make on your social channels will automatically appear after linking.
  • Set your background with either our automatic coloring or by using an image or background video!
  • Create a description of your reviews and tell your customers how these testimonials inspire your team to improve and reach their expectations through their wonderful feedbacks.


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