Your cover section is your chance to make a winning first impression to your website visitors (your potential customer!). It should instantly tell the person who you are and what you do as a business. A great cover section tells a story and frames your business in a way that causes an emotional and practical response from the person and encourages them to take an action towards your business goals, such as calling you to book a session or getting directions to your location.

You need a catchy and modern cover section to grab your visitors attention, and turn them into customers! Think of it like this, if the cover doesn't look good - why would the person continue scrolling through the site, take action, or even remember your business.

Your cover image, slogan, call to action button, the section's style and layout and especially your business name, should all pop out, look professional and most importantly, clearly and obviously let the person "get" what you do.

Best practices include:

  • Use a high quality, modern and professional image. If you don't have your own, you can pick from thousands of gorgeous, free stock images.
  • Your business name should be clear and prominent. This is why you also have the flexibility to set the breakpoint for longer names so that it wraps to two lines where you want it .
  • Your slogan: Aim for an overall short, 3-5 word slogan, which captivates your business's essence and offers a unique style and tone. The words you choose should be on the short side, easy to scan quickly, without requiring the user to have to "think" too much.
  • Your call to action button should be set to do the action you most want your potential customer to take. Book a session? Fill out a contact form? Call you? Set the button to your most important business goal. Read more about setting your buttons, and how they connect with your business goals.

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