The Team section is where you can introduce your team members to your visitors, describe their goals and relay their contributions to the team. Here you can add up to 20 members of your team!

Your team section should include:

  • A friendly ,detailed and snappy team description to make your visitors feel that they can get the service satisfaction they need!
  • You can also embed a team video from your latest team building event! Your visitors will surely feel comfortable and at ease by knowing the people who work for them while watching the video.
  • Your team member's introduction, their contributions, and roles to your business . Or, how their daily work goals relate to your business’ mission and vision.
  • Upload beautiful images of your team members! This will help your visitors know your team well.
  • Lastly, you can set the most appealing background for your Team's section by choosing either automatic coloring or using images or videos! 

Note: If your team has more than 20 people, kindly send us a chat message from your Editor, or shoot us an email at!

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