Your Section background

Set your site mood by customizing your site section background!

On any of the site sections on your Editor panel, click on the Background tab.

Customize by choosing either: 

    • Automatically Colored
    • Image Background
    • Video Background

1. Automatically Colored: This will automatically change your section to solid white color.

2. For Image Background:

           a. Upload an Image
            Use your own images from your computer! Make sure you have copyright permission to use the image

                 i. Select 'Upload an Image'
                 ii. Upload your image by clicking on 'Upload Image'
                iii. Locate the image from your computer and select it to begin upload
                iv. Larger images may take a little longer to upload depending on your internet speed, so be patient until you see the thumbnail appear.

Note: We recommend using high-quality images! Our system will automatically resize these images for you.

            b. Get a Free Image
            Choose from thousands of beautiful and professional stock images, yours to use freely!

                 i. Select 'Get a Free Image'
                 ii. Search for an image you like
                 iii. Select the image you want by clicking on it. 
                 iv. Click the 'Select Image' button at the bottom to upload image

             c. Or choose My Photos. These are images that are linked from your social media channel
                i. Click 'My Photos'
               ii. Select images from your linked social media network
              iii. Click 'Select Image' and upload image

  •  Edit your Image Layout under Image Settings

             a. Set image Filter: Choose from the 16 Instagram-like filters for your images.

             b. Set Image Gradient: Adding a gradient helps make your cover text (Your site name and slogan) more readable over the images. So depending on the image you use, pick a gradient that lets the image come through and keeps the text readable.

              Enhances the gradual blend of your color in your image.
                 i. Light Gradient
                 ii. Medium Gradient
                 iii. Heavy Gradient
                 iv. None: Removes the gradient on the image

   c. Delete image: Click on the trash bin icon to delete an image   

     3. For Video Background: Set your Video background under Video Settings

               a. Set Video Gradient
                   i. Light Gradient
                  ii. Medium Gradient
                  iii. Heavy Gradient
                  iv. None: Removes the gradient on the image


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