Set up your site FAQs

Add the Frequently Asked Questions section on your site!

This will help your users save their time to know the answers to the basic questions they have on your products and services.

  1. From your Editor panel, click on Content
  2. Then click on FAQ;
  3. Set your FAQ details on the Text tab 

a.) Setup Store Title: Let your users know your site’s Frequently Asked questions.
b.) Setup Menu Title: Create a simple FAQ description in a 15-character text
c.) Setup Subtitle: More FAQ details expressed in a short and simple way
d.) Embed Video: You also have the option to set up a FAQ video from your Youtube, Vimeo or any HD video account by embedding codes. Embed any video from infographics, TED talks, social media or any video presentations that best describes your products.

e.) FAQ Description: Let your users know your business by crafting a great description on what your products do and the value they bring to your visitors or customers 


 4. On the Button tab, this will allow you to create an additional Call-to-Action button for your visitors to easily access this section of your site.

 5. Next is the FAQ tab, this is where you can add up to 20 FAQs. If you have more than 20 FAQs, Please let us know and we will help you! 

 6. For a more appealing site, you can customize your site background from the Background tab. Here you can select either: Automatically Colored, Image Background or Video Background.

a. Automatically Colored: This automatically sets the site background color to solid white.
b. Image Background

i. Upload an Image

      • Click ‘Select Image’
      • Select your image by clicking on ‘Upload an Image’
      • Locate the image from your computer and upload it

ii. Click Select Get a Free Image

      • Click Select Get a Free Image
      • Search for an image you like
      • Select the image you want by clicking on it

iii. Or choose My Photos. These are images that are linked from your social media channel

      • Click 'My Photos'
      • Select images from your linked social media network
      • Click 'Select Image' and upload image

    • Edit your Image Background under Image Settings

                        1. Set Image Filter
                                i. Choose Instagram-like filters on your images

                        2. Set Gradient: Pick a gradient that lets the image come through

                                Enhances the gradual blend of your in your image

                                i. Light Gradient
                               ii. Medium Gradient
                              iii. Heavy Gradient
                              iv. None: Removes the gradient on the image. 

c. Video Background

            i. Personalized Video

      • Click Select Video
      • Select your video by clicking on Upload an Image
      • Locate the video from your computer and upload it

      ii. Get Free Stock Video

      • Click Select Get a Free Video
      • Search for the video you like
      • Select the video you want by clicking on it

You can set a video background on a section, you just can't upload your own video, but can choose instead from 1000s of video backgrounds to use for free. This is due to a number of reasons, including performance and page load, but also to ensure high-quality videos as they are full width.

    • Set your Video Background under Video Settings

                         1. Set Video Gradient

                               i. Light Gradient
                              ii. Medium Gradient
                             iii. Heavy Gradient
                             iv. None: Removes the gradient on the image

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